Hear from one of our Mini Loan Program participants, a young mother of 5. Her husband had a series of strokes last year and is unable to work, so she took out a $3,000 loan this past January. To date she has paid $3,995 in total, and after her fifth rollover, she had more payments of $799 a month on the way.
However after she found our Mini Loan Program, her payment has reduced to $279 a month and she is on the way to financial freedom! Read below:


“After some unforeseen circumstances I was put in the position to have to take out a title loan to cover living expenses due to my low credit score.  A title loan was the only option. After taking out this loan I realized I had opened myself up to a vicious cycle of debt and would never be able to pay this loan in full –  the high interest and fees alone were $799 monthly and the only way to pay off was to pay in full. I had to choose between loosing my car or paying my bills neither of which are preferable. I conducted an online search on how to get out of a title loan and the mini loan program popped up as an option. I never knew this existed and I was so grateful. I applied, thinking all they can say is no. Miss Louise reached out to me very quickly and walked me through the whole process. I was able to get all the documentation that they requested and within a few days I had an approval. I cried tears of joy that this burden was being lifted from me. The loan terms are affordable and I’ll be able to pay my bills and my debt without having to worry about my car being repossessed or being evicted from my home. Louise kept in contact with me through it all and really helped to put my mind at ease and I never once felt that I was being judged for my decision. Everything was wonderful. Bless you for helping people who don’t always have any other choices.”