Prescription Medication for all uninsured Texans

Nearly 5.8 million Texans live without health insurance.

As more individuals are afflicted with chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease, it’s become increasingly difficult to provide financial stability for life-saving medication.¬†

Far too often we see families sacrificing basic needs such as food or rent in order to pay astronomical pharmacy costs – a choice no one should ever have to make. Accessing affordable healthcare is essential to leading healthier lives.

How Donations Are Spent:


Life-saving medication

Cover 1 shipment of lifesaving medications for a patient in a rural area of Texas



High cholesterol medication

Purchase 3 months of a high cholesterol medication for 11 patients 



High blood pressure medication

Purchase 3 months of a high blood pressure medication for 21 patients



Heart health medication

Help provide 84 patients with 1 month of Heart Health medications



Mental Health medication

Cover ~50% of monthly mental health medication cost, serving 260 patients



Diabetic injectable medication

Provide one shipment of 90-day insulin (Trulicity) to 72 patients ($168,000 in patient savings)


“My son lost his insurance recently, due to the inability to maintain a 30-hour work week under doctor’s orders…if it weren’t for you, he would be unable to get the medication he needs to live.”
Parent of Pharmacy Patient

“I do not want to miss another day to thank the staff of SVdP Pharmacy, for their help with my medications…for such kind treatment….I consider them angels, they are a true blessing for all of us!”
Pharmacy Patient

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“This is a tremendous service to our community, and the success thus far has been meeting the need, with over 36,000 prescriptions filled for some of the most vulnerable in our society.”

W. Stephen Love

President, DFW Hospital Council