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St. Gabriel Conference in McKinney

This calendar year (January 1, 2023, through the end of August), the St. Gabriel’s SVdP conference received 901 calls for assistance. Their members have made Home Visits with 1975 individuals within those families, some multiple times, to assess their needs, proposed solutions, invited them to their Church, and prayed with them. In 442 cases, we helped them in some financial way. Their mission is “to be the face of Christ” to all of those that we meet every time we meet. 

Every year, the St. Francis of Assisi Conference in Frisco organizes two bingo events to raise funds. This time, their theme was Flamingo Bingo. They had a lot of fun with that theme, and they raised a little more than $16,000! The money will go a long way towards paying rent in their area. As everyone is experiencing, rents have climbed dramatically since the pandemic. They had a jewelry pull, a wine pull, a silent auction, and a raffle at this event. It takes a lot of volunteers to pull this off, but the fellowship it creates in our parish makes it all worth it. Before the night is over, everyone asks, “When’s the next one?” 


At their Flamingo Bingo, they expressed their deepest gratitude to their outgoing Conference President, Susan Knapp for leading our conference for three years. 

They continue to be blessed by the many people they assist and the new volunteers stepping up to handle the load. 

St. Francis of Assisi Conference in Frisco

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Conference in Plano

The SVdP Conference at St Elizabeth Ann Seton Plano had a busy last few weeks. 


They attended Mass together on September 30th, followed by a Vincentian recommissioning ceremony presided over by Father Bradley. They then joined together for a wonderful dinner gathering to reflect on the past year and celebrate the work of the Conference in serving their neighbors. 


They also completed a secret ballot election for a new three-year term for their current President. All officers have been appointed, and they are delighted to announce their new Treasurer – Jane Hetherington, who recently joined their Conference. 


They are inspired to move forward into a new SVdP Fiscal year and to continue their mission of charity.

They assisted their neighbor, Bob, who was impacted by the recent ‘Ice Storm’. Someone had accidentally slid on the icy roads and destroyed Bob’s mailbox. As a result, he couldn’t get his income check because the post office had nowhere to deliver it. Thus, he couldn’t pay his bills. So, their volunteer, Scott, agreed to help repair it. But, when Scott arrived around 4:00 pm, he realized the mailbox was too damaged. So, he went to the hardware store and bought Bob a new mailbox and 4×4 post. Then after replacing the post, he had to run home to pick up a saw to level the top of the post, and finally, as the sun was setting, the mailbox was fixed. Their members appreciated that Scott rolled up his sleeves and took the extra time to help Bob.

St. Mary Conference in Sherman

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