What is the Mini Loan

Program (MLP)?

The goal of MLP is to help people get their finances back on track.

Whether you’re caught in cycle of debt due to a payday/auto title loan or if you have an emergency expense,

you CAN find a way out and feel more secure about your financial future.

Types of Loans

The main component of MLP is a “mini loan” which helps stabilize program participants by taking care of the immediate need. These loans will offer a manageable monthly payment that you can pay back over the course of a year. You may qualify for one of the two types of loans listed below, based on your particular situation.

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Break Free from a Payday or Auto Title Loan

If you have been trapped by a payday or auto title loan,  we can help you get out.

MLP’s Conversion Loan converts short-term, high-interest debts with predatory lenders to a low-interest loan with lower monthly payments:

  • 3% interest with lower, manageable monthly payments
  • Work with payday lenders no longer! Instead, work with SVdP and our reputable banking partners
  • We support you the whole way: financial coaching and budget support
Cover an Emergency Expense

Don’t turn to a payday or auto title loan! If you have become aware of a short-term expense your savings can’t cover, an Emergency Loan may be right for you.

  • Available for emergency expenses like vehicle repairs, appliance replacement or repairs, new apartment deposits, funeral expenses, or medical bills
  • Amounts between $500 and $2500
hand signing loan documents

The Mini Loan Program is available to individuals who live in one of the counties in our service area. These counties include: Collin, Dallas, Ellis, Fannin, Grayson, Hunt, Kaufman, Navarro and Rockwall.

One Year Can Change a Life


MLP isn’t just another debt trap. We are here to support you in making a permanent change to your life.

While you are a part of this program, you will receive:

    1. One-on-one coaching from our trained advocates,
    2. Resources to help you budget,
    3. Bankability: we work together with banking partners you can trust,
    4. Savings incentive: We make the first $50 deposit into a new savings account to commemorate your job well done!

average saved per MLP participant

Find out if you qualify. 

Give us a call: (214) 520-0650, extension 124

In Their Own Words: MLP Participants

I have accomplished something I didn’t think was possible for me…I paid off my loan during the COVID-19 pandemic…now I am in a good place.


I was robbed the day rent was due…I had just opened my own hair salon and business was slow starting.
After closing my payday loan, SVdP helped me learn to manage my finances, so I could spend less than I earned. Then, they supported me as I earned enough to pay that loan back. I’ll never go near a payday loan again…those things are bad!

Mr. C

After loan approval, I had advocates who were willing to spend time with me, guide me to make tough decisions, and help keep me on track. They provided a positive viewpoint by reminding me of my progress. It was a reality check. Feeling blessed!


Would you like a fresh start with your finances?

 Participate in our Financial Freedom Workshop, offered online and in person.
For more information contact Juli Maxon, at 214 520 0650 x 124.