“Let us do, without hesitation,
whatever good lies at our hands.”

-Blessed Frederic Ozanam,
Founder of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul


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“Let us do, without hesitation, whatever good lies at our hands.”

Blessed Frederic Ozanam, Founder of the Society

Volunteers with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul work together to strengthen their communities.

By giving their time and talents to build relationships with and provide service to those in need, these selfless people make the world a more just and peaceful place. Catholics and non-Catholics alike, our volunteers serve those in need, regardless of color, creed or circumstance.

Through the Society, volunteer opportunities are just as diverse as the people who serve. Whether you can give a day, a year or the rest of your life, there is a need for your time, your talents and your interests!

Read below to learn more about our various volunteer opportunities!

What Type of Volunteer Are You?

There are three main types of volunteers with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Read below to learn more about them!
Then, scroll below to the Volunteer Expectations section for information on how to get started

Program Volunteers

Program volunteers contribute to the success of each of our regional systemic change programs.

  1. StudyTime: After-school academic support
  2. SVdP Pharmacy: Free medication for those without insurance
  3. St. Vincent Center:  Our local outreach center which provides assistance and referrals to South Dallas residents

Program volunteers can either serve in groups with major short-term projects like donation drives or service days, or in regular ongoing assistance, like client intake and reception at our St. Vincent center or Pharmacy.

Becoming a Member

Volunteers can serve our regional programs without joining the Society. However, many commit to membership in one of our local conferences (chapters). These Society members, called Vincentians, gather on a regular basis for spiritual growth, friendship and service. They respond to local requests for help by working in teams of two to make home visits and provide emotional, spiritual and material support to their neighbors in need.

Making home visits is a beautiful, life-changing, and sometimes difficult ministry. Our conferences provide fellowship, ongoing spiritual support, retreats and training opportunities for Vincentians in order to help them help others.

Thrift Stores Team

Thrift Stores team members assist with many daily tasks at our two thrift stores, including:

  • Recovering and straightening sections of the store
  • Maintaining cleanliness of property
  • Sorting, organizing, and shelving merchandise
  • Administrative office assistance (i.e. sorting labeling, organizing, stapling, etc.)

Thrift Store volunteers play a very important role in volunteering for the Society, as proceeds from sales go to support our regional programs! Learn more about our Thrift Stores.

Volunteer Expectations

What does it take to be a volunteer? Click on each tab below to learn what to expect when giving your time with the Society!

Volunteers at our thrift stores must wear tennis shoes with a closed heel and toe (no sandals or slip ons), jeans/modest shorts (mid-thigh or longer, no track shorts), and shirts with sleeves (no tank tops).

Volunteers sign in at the Guest Services Desk of the store and are given a blue vest to wear during their shifts. Depending on the day and store location, volunteers can do a variety of tasks, like sorting merchandise and straightening sections of the store, or assisting the administrative office staff. Volunteers are expected to stay for their entire shift, to put away phones or other devices which can distract from their work during the shift. This allows the team to operate smoothly and efficiently!

For those volunteers who would like confirmation of their volunteer hours: email volunteer@svdpthrift.org (please allow at least 2 business days for us to process the request!).

Fill out the Thrift Stores volunteer form HERE, and we will be in contact!

SVdP Pharmacy has two expectations for volunteers at the pharmacy:

  1. Volunteer pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must have valid, current licensure to dispense medications
  2. Intake volunteers do not need to be licensed, but ALL volunteers must receive training for handling confidential information (HIPAA). This training is easy and online! Register and take the training.

Questions? Please contact Carlos at pic@svdpdallas.org

St. Vincent de Paul after school

StudyTime runs through the school year from 4 – 6pm, Monday – Thursday at two different locations in the Dallas area. Volunteers over the age of 18 must complete diocesan Safe Environment training. High school students may also volunteer as tutors, and get service hours verified by the lead facilitator.

If you would like to volunteer, you are welcome to come tutor for a day to try it out! Submit the volunteer form below, and our StudyTime program manager will contact you!

st vincent de paul catholic

St. Vincent Center volunteers provide on-site coverage at our dynamic outreach center in Lancaster (South Dallas). Several volunteers come to assist our staff weekly or on a regular basis, but we also have one-time group projects and short-term volunteer needs as well!

If you would like to get involved at the St. Vincent center, please fill out the volunteer form below, and our programs director will reach out to connect you with a volunteer opportunity that matches your availability, talents and interest!

Society members (we call ourselves “Vincentians”) join a conference of people at local Catholic parishes who provide direct assistance to those in need. Conference members do all the following:

  1. Complete Safe Environment training, as a volunteer with a Catholic organization in the diocese of Dallas
  2. Must complete a background check with the Society.
  3. Attend Ozanam Orientation once as a new member (and return every 1-3 years for a refresher!). This insightful training provides history on the Society, training on how conferences operate and further resources for Vincentians to grow into their role!

Contact your parish to see if you have an SVdP conference. Or fill out the volunteer form below to find a conference nearest you!

Volunteer with the Society

Please fill out the form below to volunteer with the Society!

Time, Talent & Treasure

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul was able to help more than 65,000 people in need last year, thanks to the generosity and hard work of our volunteers. But while many people offer their time and talent, we are also grateful for those who share their treasure in service of their neighbors in need.
Last year, SVdP North Texas offered $7.1 million in assistance, and we’d like to help even more.