MiniLoan Program

SVdP MiniLoan Program

Do you work hard, but still struggle to pay bills, due to a payday or auto title loan?

Don't have loans, but you have an emergency expense you can't cover?

The mission of the MiniLoan Program (MLP) is to help people escape the cycle of debt and poverty by providing financial alternatives to predatory lenders, as well as holistic coaching and support for those experiencing financial emergencies.

We provide low-interest re-financing for those who are trapped by high interest rates and unmanageable payments from payday or auto title loans;

We also help people cover emergency expenses so they don't have to go to payday lenders.

If you have a payday or auto title loan:

  • Our mini loan conversion program may be able to help.
  • We offer low-interest re-financing, so you can escape manipulative and predatory lenders.
  • One-year program, with ongoing support
  • Financial coaching to help you plan and save for the future!

If you do not have a loan, but need help covering an emergency expense:

  • You may qualify for a low-interest emergency loan
  • Amount between $500-$2500
  • For use on expenses like home and auto repair, a deposit on a new or safer apartment, and medical bills

SVdP MLP will:

  • get you out and stay out of the harmful, never-ending cycle of debt
  • free you from pushy, intimidating lenders and collections agents
  • build your credit score
  • provide ongoing, caring support for our participants
  • provide a new savings account once you complete the 1-year program, and find...

A way out of poverty toward financial freedom.

Call us today to apply: (469) 607-0909

About the MiniLoan Program