Our Team

Board of Directors

  • A21-Sean-Myers

    Sean Myers


  • A21-Andy-Higgins

    Andy Higgins

    1st Vice President

  • A21-Tory-Ruggeri

    Tony Ruggeri

    2nd Vice President
    Treasurer & New Stores Chair, Thrift Stores

  • A1 Tim Williams

    Tim Williams

    3rd Vice President

  • A21  Hank  Hermann

    Hank Hermann

    4th Vice President

  • A21-Mark-King

    Mark King

    6th Vice President
    President, Thrift Stores

  • A21-Joe-Manogue

    Joseph M. Manogue

    Member, Thrift Stores

  • A21-Phillip-Young

    Phillip Young


  • Hss 2015 Photo

    Harry Storey

    District President (D1)

  • Steven Jarnecic 300Px

    Steven Jarnecic

    District President (D2)

  • Mary Tobola 300Px

    Mary Tobola

    District President (D3)

  • A21 Tim Meyer

    Tim Meyer

    District President (D4)

  • A1 Dr Jim Harris

    Deacon Jim Harris

    Spiritual Advisor

  • A21-Mike-Pazzaglini

    Michael Pazzaglini

    Ex-Officio Member
    Executive Director

  • A21-Bill-Keffler

    Bill Keffler

    Ex-Officio Member
    COO Catholic Diocese of Dallas

  • A21-John-Strauss

    John Strauss

    Vice-Chair, Thrift Stores

  • A21-Dwight-Risky

    Dwight Riskey

    Marketing Chair, Thrift Stores

  • A21-Rick-Tulli

    Rick Tulli

    Secretary, Thrift Stores

  • A21  Robin  Caldwell

    Robin Caldwell

    Member, Thrift Stores

  • A21-Donna-Carter

    Donna Carter

    Advisory Board Member
    Member, Thrift Stores

  • A21-Ed-Coppola

    Edward Coppola

    Member, Thrift Stores

  • A21-Thomas-Corcoran

    Thomas Corcoran

    Member, Thrift Stores

  • A21-Greg-Humenesky

    Gregory Humenesky

    Member, Thrift Stores

  • A21 Al Hrubtez

    Al Hrubetz

    Member, Thrift Stores

  • A21-Ed-Schaffler

    Ed Schaffler

    Member, Thrift Stores

Staff Members